2008 Taipei In Style - Outdoor Fashion Show: A...

2008 Taipei In Style – Outdoor Fashion Show: A clothing rack with clothes. Русский: Вешалка в виде стойки. Гардероб. Suomi: Erilaisia vaatteita vaatetangossa. Gaeilge: Éadaí. Gaelg: Radling lesh eaddeeyn er. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was twirling away late one night as I tried on the dresses that I got from my good friend Sheila. She runs a fantastic shop called Funky Plum Vintage. A stylist by heart, she has set me off to out of the box clothes experiences that made me look young and, without sounding boastful, fabulous. The hubby, probably not used to seeing me going gaga over some clothes, had an amused look on his face. ” What do you think?” I asked. A question so innocent but as most enlightened husbands know is akin to having a gun stuck to one’s head.  Diplomatically, he grunts an ” Ok” as he tries to read the newspaper. I would have wanted a more enthusiastic reply.

I pushed the thought away and told myself that Sheila is a genius. I was in a fashion rut for some years as I continued to gain unwanted pounds through my 50s. But last year I lost a total of 25 pounds and I was feeling good. I had a personal epiphany as I went into a healthy diet and exercise. I know the clothes fitted me well but I wanted an affirmation of some sort. The following night I wore one of my new clothes for Sunday Mass. As I was walking down the stairs, Joshua saw me, surprise written on his face, and pipes up, ” Mommy, you look so pretty!”

I felt tingly all over. It was the first time ever he called me pretty.


2 thoughts on “Awwwww

  1. Grace Casiple says:

    Glad to see this post. Shiela really had an eye for what fits you best. Got the same reply with the dress I got from her store last time. I was looking for something like it the past months, so thrilled to have one! Next catch ~ the Steve Madden low cut boots and the snake skin black dress! 🙂

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