Cartoons 101

Finn (on the left) and Jake (the yellow dog) d...

Finn (on the left) and Jake (the yellow dog) doing their trademark fist bump. The teal-colored video game console on the far right is Beemo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

” Look Mom. Princess Bubblegum is dead,” says Joshua excitedly pointing to the TV screen. As my son rattles off the story of one of his favorite cartoons, I tuned him out  for a few minutes.  Still infatuated with Colin Firth, I had just watched ” The King’s Speech” the night before.

I came back to earth and  listened to him as Princess Bubblegum’s friends – Finn, the human and Jake, the dog -frantically try to save her. The cartoon characters are out of this world and so are their looks. My son has never been a fan of the cute  Mickey Mouse cartoons.  I used to love them ages ago– Disney cartoons with their sweet and simple storylines, characters drawn painstakingly to make them look real and songs you can hum forever.

Nope. Mickey is too boring for my son. He devours “Oggy and the Cockroaches” and is a big fan of ” Mr. Bean.” Rude cockroaches and a British character with basset hound eyes.  Hmmm So many things to learn. At first, as I watched Joshua’s favorite cartoons with him the OC Mom in me reared its ugly head. I did running commentaries  like ” You should not be like him. Mr. Bean can be rude.” or ” Don’t you think the cockroaches are too violent?” Until one day, tired of my fear that he might turn out to be a monster of a son, Joshua blurted in exasperation, ” Mom it is just a cartoon! It is not for real!”

I laughed, and embraced him. He may like Mr. Bean but my Colin is better looking.


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