Love at First Vroooom

He saw his first BMW at an office basement parking. And, oh boy, was it love at first sight.

” Wow! Whose car is that Daddy? I like that!” He could not stop talking about it. There began my son’s obsession with what he calls ” fast, nice cars.” We bought him toy cars of all sizes, color and types and car magazines as well. He has memorized all the car logos. A favorite pastime for him is to identify these logos when we are cruising along the expressway.

BMW 3-Series (E90)

During a trip to HK,  the hubby and I found ourselves lugging around huge boxes of his favorite toy cars. The hubby spent most of the night packing these tightly so as not to get squished on the plane. An overseas call from our son specified five cars, not four or three but five homecoming gifts.

His PSP 3 tapes are all about car racing which he can play until the wee hours of the morning ( which only happens when I am not around). What is it with cars that mesmerize boys like Joshua? Is it because they play with the power of speed? Does it have something to do with the mechanical side of it?

I know his fascination with cars will continue ad nauseam. A few months ago, he suggested to the hubby to build a second garage in the house.  ” And why is that?” asked my husband.  With an ” isn’t it obvious look on his face” Joshua answered ” So when I buy my BMW I can park it there!”


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