The Veggie War

I love vegetables. But it wasn’t always the case.


My parents reared me  the old-fashioned way. During the early years everything they said was set in stone. No ifs nor buts. It was never more apparent than at mealtimes. I was expected to eat whatever was served on the  dining table especially if it  was a vegetable dish. I was not allowed to leave the table unless I chew and swallow them really well. Did complaining, whining and crying help me? Nope. A simple glaring look from my Mom was enough to stop defiance on its track.

Fast forward

” I don’t like vegetables!!!” declared Joshua. With a scowl on his face, he was on battle mode again. We’ve had skirmishes on the veggie issue before. I have shown him how I eat my veggies, created real veggie cut outs for him to play, and made him watch Elmo eat his veggies. Of course to no avail.

I’ve had enough. I have drawn up a foolproof battle plan. I  became The Sneaky Mom out to win the Veggie War.  I  chop carrots in the size of an atom and toss it with his favorite noodles. I mash papaya in his tinola (chicken stew).  I serve him home-made pizza with malunggay ( moringa) powder and tomato sauce.

I buy him organic carrot chips instead of potato chips. I puree a bit of squash and cream and add several scoops of his  powdered milk. The strategy has been working for some time. And if by a stroke of bad luck the top-secret plan is revealed, I am ready to experiment in giving him the glare. Who knows it might work again.

Carrot diversity


2 thoughts on “The Veggie War

  1. I truly admire your determination to sneak in veggies in his diet. Perhaps I should come up with my own strategies as well (other veggies – ok; ampalaya – no such luck).

    • It can get tiring bec. I have to think of ways to sneak in veggies in his diet. But I just have to try. Ampalaya would really be a challenge. Perhaps when Josh is a bit bigger.

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