Supermarket junkies

In  many conversations and emails with married friends, the idea of marital bonding usually crops up. I have a friend who likes taking a long drive to the countryside with the hubby. Another couple likes to get a massage together. A friend goes fishing with her American husband.

My husband and I are different. We are supermarket junkies. Yes, we LOVE to go to the supermarket together. Sounds weird? Maybe. We are supposed to buy our groceries only once a week. Heck, we are only three people in the house. But we find the slightest excuse to drop by the supermarket more than once a week.

We used to have only one small supermarket in our neighborhood. We were thrilled when two supermarket chains opened their branches nearby . Since this is a public confession I better explain myself well.  For some, buying groceries is a mindless pursuit. You go in, buy what you need and then you go out.

But for us being inside a supermarket is relaxing. We are never in a hurry. As we push our carts, the hubby and I take our time to discover new products, compare prices and talk to the people in the meat or seafood counter. Laugh if you will but somehow the stress free, air-conditioned environment of a supermarket promotes marital harmony between  us. Sometimes, I sneak in a request or two to the hubby as we traverse the aisles. I have noticed he tends to be more agreeable in a supermarket setting. Hmmm I think I should take more advantage of that for what it’s worth.

It is no surprise then that I have three customer value cards plus a membership card of a warehouse supermarket located in the next town. Recently, we heard that one of the supermarkets is building a bigger branch in a community mall near us. My husband and I can’t wait to have our supermarket fix again.

Produce section of a Grupo Pão de Açúcar super...

Produce section of a Grupo Pão de Açúcar supermarket in São Paulo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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