On Turning Seven

bday cake He is a few inches taller with some permanent teeth setting in. He now speaks his mind in English more easily and is learning Mandarin. He likes to play at the huge gym in school, a favorite haunt for grimy adventures. My son Joshua, soon to turn seven, has grown up so quickly, absorbing the world around him with unbridled curiosity.  I am  perpetually amused by his  questions.

” Mommy, are girls afraid of lizards?”

” I have a problem. Do we have enough money? You said you will buy a new mattress. Will there be enough money left to buy a double deck bed for  my room?”

” Why didn’t God create snow in all countries? Why is there no snow in the Philippines?”

A lot of working Moms would kill to be in my place. Yes, I am lucky for being a stay at  home Mom. I occupy a privileged front row seat  in the world of parenting.  As Joshua discovers his surroundings with a fresh palette so do I.

Every evening, the standard question from the hubby is ” What did he do today? And  I narrate what I call the “dailies”–  the Joshua stories. I try to make it as detailed as possible as he savors  what he has missed.

While planning  his birthday  party, a thought suddenly hit me. He is growing up too fast. For some weird reason, I longed for his baby and pre-school days. If only I can command time to slow down so I can enjoy my son more. But days just whizzed by.

He will be seven soon and is no longer my baby. To prove it, he declared that he will stopped kissing me by age 9! His first stab at independence. I laughed and realized I am also on my seventh year as a parent “born” on a cool day in January. Happy birthday to me too.


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