The 15 minute Ride

Father and son  Joshua was late in waking up again. I had to inform the school bus driver that my husband was to bring our son to school. With their eyes barely opened,  the hubby and the little one trudged their way to  Xavier School.

The hubby has insomnia. I was worried  that he might be pissed in repeatedly doing this early morning duty. So I was surprised to learn that my husband treasures the 15 minute ride with Joshua.  He explained that Joshua throws questions at him like ” Daddy why do you go home so late?” They also discussed about  fast cars, my son’s favorite  topic. Another time, the hubby listened as my son talked about a concern in school.

I was curious on what they have talked about recently. “Secret”  the hubby answered jokingly.  I smiled knowing that  father and son  talks will soon be off- limits to me. My husband is a busy executive and used to spend quality time with our son only during the weekends.The 15 minute ride to school has changed  that, forming a bond between father and son, which I hope will last for a lifetime.


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