” I thought girls are smarter than boys”

Joshua with his carOne time my seven-year old son asked me something which for the life of me I can’t remember now.  It was a surprising, out of the blue query which left me groping for the appropriate answer.  He was impressed with my explanation. ” Mommy, how did you know that?”  I jokingly answered, ” Girls are smarter than boys.” It stuck with him.

I am a SAHM so is it any wonder that I often receive the brunt of his curiosity.

” Do fishes blink?” He was observing Redi, his blue and black pet fish.

” Are all girls afraid of lizards?” God knows where this came from. He blurted afterwards that he does not like any of his girl classmates. I just hope he does not bring a lizard to school.

“Do they have homework?” We were watching a Globe Trekker documentary about monkeys. The presenter described baboons as intelligent.

” Where do they make the Ferrari?” I replied  ” Italy.” Wow! I want to go there someday!” ” Will you bring me and Daddy ?” Josh said without hesitation, ” I want to but by that time both of you might be dead.”

” What is a bomb made of?” Alarmed by his question, I asked, ” Why are you asking that?” He shrugged, ” I was watching a Jacky Chan movie on TV. A bomb went off.”

” Will my classmates be taller than me in grade 2?” He is acutely aware that he is one of the smallest boys in his grade 1 class. This frustrates him no end.

” How did my teacher know that I am smart?” He has average grades but he is smart according to his class adviser. Miss Yap sighs, ” He can have better grades  if only he will stop fooling around with his classmates during lessons.”

” Why are the paten and chalice in gold?”  The question was thrown at me during Sunday Mass. The Sacrament of the Eucharist  was the topic in his Christian Life Education (CLE) class that week.  I did not dare answer the question. After the Mass, we approached Fr. Joey, our assistant parish priest. For a minute he was stumped. ” What an unusual question!”

” What happened to the baby?’ His pre-school teacher just returned to class after giving birth. Joshua was staring at her belly.

” Are fairies real?” He was watching his favorite cartoon ” The Fairly Odd Parents.” I answered ” No”  and he got disappointed.

” How will Santa enter our house? The doors are locked and our house does not have a chimney like in the US.” My answer, ” Santa will knock and Daddy will open the door.”

” Will I own this house when you and Dad are gone?”  Me: ” Yes, of course.”  Joshua: ” Yehey!” Me: : ” Huh?”

I try  to answer his questions with a simple Yes or No but it does not always work. If I can’t there is Google. (Thank  you Lord for this high-tech blessing!) And if Joshua is still not satisfied with my answer, I would say, ” Ask your father.” Then in an accusing tone, he would pipe up, ” I thought girls are smarter than boys.”


2 thoughts on “” I thought girls are smarter than boys”

  1. The truth of the matter? i will leave it up to Joshua to discover the answer as he grows into adolescense. My homework for now is to read him the book entitled “Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars.”

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